Crafting Podcast: Tina Amini

Too long! Too long have I waited for a new podcast! 

Not much in the way of excuses here. The last seven months have been brutal - getting into the paces of a new job, having a baby and lots, LOTS of freelancing work. It's a blessing, but man, it's harsh.

But with that, comes a new focus. The Crafting Podcast until now has been focused on writers in the games space. But at the same time, I never want to talk about games, (and still don't). So it seems weird that I would put this rule on the podcast, and then only ever interview writers in the games world, right?


So with this episode comes something of an expansion. The Crafting Podcast is expanding into new territory - I will be interviewing writers of all kinds, and not just in the games space. We're going to be talking about the craft of writing in general. This frees me up to interview people from all over the web. Whether they're writing for New York Magazine or Buzzfeed, I'm going to go after them - and I'm going to let them tell their stories to you.

I think this is a good change. I don't know of any podcast doing this sort of thing, and the fact I'm expanding beyond games is a good metaphor for what a lot of games writers in general should be doing - looking beyond their wheelhouse for work.

But please note, the next couple of guests *are* writers in the games space - and that's fine too! 

So today, we have Kotaku deputy editor Tina Amini. A brilliant writer, but also a brilliant reporter. And a great conversationalist. 

As always, you can download the podcast, listen to it below, and subscribe to the podcast through iTunes. I hope you do - and if you do, please leave a review. (That rhymes!)

Enjoy! (And follow Tina on Twitter).