Crafting Podcast: Mark Serrels

I've known Mark Serrels for a little while now, and he was always nice to me when I was a young, unformed freelance writer, fresh from the brood. He's also one of the best editors I know.

In this episode, we talk about a lot, including:

1. Growing up in Scotland, and how that formed Mark's sensibilities as a writer
2. The hardships of actually working as a freelancer and "leveling up" your skills
3. How to treat your freelancing as a business, more than just a creative endeavour

That last point is especially important - I think many freelancers get stuck in the rut of not treating themselves as a business. That is, not examining how they're coming across to editors, the return on investment for attending conferences, etc. It's something you need to think about constantly.

In any case, here's the interview - I hope you enjoy it. As always, you can listen below or subscribe to The Crafting Podcast on iTunes.