Crafting Podcast - Todd VanDerWerff


I love television. I love television more than a lot of people. Maybe more than I should. 

But who cares, because today on the podcast I have one of the best TV critics around. Todd VanDerWerff is one of the most capable writers of television on the internet. Formerly he was the TV editor at the AV Club, and is now the culture editor at Vox, which I can only assume is a pretty hectic job. (Similarly, Vox just received a healthy $US400 million valuation - Vox owns Polygon, which I've written for in the past, so hey, keep those freelancer budgets coming!)

On today's episode we talk about the art of criticism, what makes it good or bad, and what critics can learn from the people they write about. And more! Like why you should watch The Americans...

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