I'm a Melbourne-based digital copywriter, content marketer, UX writer, journalist, and professional writer.


Welcome! Thanks for checking me out. First thing's first: if you're looking for the actor Patrick Stafford, keep on Googlin' cause I ain't him. Though I did get an email from his tap teacher once, that was fun. 

But if you're here for me: aw, shucks. You're the best.

Short story: like the headline says, I'm a digital copywriter in Melbourne, Australia. Shoot your eyes downward: I've worked for some great places, and currently lead digital copy at MYOB, Australia's largest accounting software company. 

My journalism has been published in publications such as Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, EDGE, VICE, Polygon and Gizmodo. My business, Stafford Content, produces written material and training in commnications for companies like KPMG, Dropbox, Eventbrite and more. 

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Hit me up on pdstafford@gmail.com for personal stuff, patrick@staffordcontent for anything business.